Had my birthday celebrations a few days ago and being one year older, I’ve become older and wiser to financial matters and more apt at saving while shopping! Please clap for me!


(Beautifully decorated white chocolate macadamia cake

from Secret Recipe S$45

Though I love this cake, I must say it is an acquired taste. My younger sister treated some of her friends and they didn’t like it! A waste of my cake!!! )

Like Rebecca in the Shopaholic series, I went really mad over cosmetics and skincare shopping. But really shopping during birthday months and special promotions is exhilarating! I took advantage of my Shu promotion, got a 20% discount, and used my sister’s fancl 20% promotion……. and then got $60 Isetan vouchers plus chalking up Isetan points and credit card points! Feel like I’ve saved a lot this time round though my pocket’s feeling much lighter after today’s spree. =)

I think this is the first time I’ve splurged so much in a single day ($10 Isetan voucher for every $100 spent, so you can do the math). If only every month’s my birthday month!


I think I’ve got 3/4 of a year’s supply of powder and 5 months’ of skincare products!!

Other discounts that I enjoyed for my birthday month:

Reds – 30% for members

Ezy video – $4 each movie for 5 days (sad to say I wasn’t able to get a free movie from them. They have this promotion whereby members can rent a movie foc on their birthday)