I’m now trying to catch up on my Japanese drama. Haven’t been watching the many DVDs that my dear sister bought over the last two years. Plenty of great shows but I haven’t the time to watch! I’m now at the fifth episode of ‘Last Friends’, a show about a group of young people who came together and stayed at a shared apartment, which according to a character of the show, is a trend that has been catching on in Japan. It shows how they face the problems they have – an abusive boyfriend, a suspected gender identity disorder, suppressed love and childhood trauma. Interesting show but there seems to be a lack of a chemistry between the love relationships in the show. That’s the only down part of the show, but other than that, it’s still quite watchable. It’s not something that will move you to tears (at least till episode 5), but rather gives you glimpses of how others may be living a life that’s world apart from yours

There’s some merchandise associated with the show. There’s the cups that are used in the show, handphone charms (with cup charms), and tees (which I haven’t seen in the show yet). I’m thinking of recommending to thechicshop to do a preorder. If anyone’s interested, can drop thechicshop an email. I think we’ll probably see what’s the interest rate like first.