Just purchased the limited edition rose blusher from body shop. Love the package to pieces! The sales of cosmetics really depends on packaging for I’ve purchased so many blushers that I can hardly finish using this lifetime! Want to see my purchases?


Well, The Body Shop reeled me in with their rose edition collection and membership privileges. Although I only wanted to purchase the blusher, I got a blusher and a lipstick from the limited rose edition so as to enjoy a 20% discount. In addition, I bought a lip scuffer which has a refreshing minty smell for exfoliating and condiitoning, just to enjoy 10% discount, plus get a membership. Besides the discount, I too got a free pouch with two generous sized samples of shampoo and body bath + a sponge like thingy for bathing =) I’m having mixed feelings for my packages now: feel a little bad for spending so much on things I don’t need yet feel like I’ve just had a bargain for the items I’ve bought!