Benefit Holiday Sets – I want I want!

Have you seen the new collection that Benefit cosmetics just put up on their website? This is the first time I am so tempted to spend S$200 for the items!

The one million dollar question: Should I or should I not?



Krispy Kreme Donuts in Tokyo – sweet nothings Part 2

After being in the queue for 1.5 hours, our white matter in our skull couldn’t function properly and that resulted in us purchasing 8 donuts to share between two of us! And prior to our purchase we had 2 free donuts! So… you can understand if we still feel like throwing up once we think of how we had to stuff down the sweet donuts into our belly!

But strangely, the Japanese really love their donuts. When we went shopping around with the Krispy Kreme paperbag, one of the sales girls striked up a conversation with Yan about how oishii (delicious) the donuts were. So if there’s any guys who wish to chat up the sales girls, perhaps the best way to do so would be to grab hold of a Krispy Kreme paper bag. =P

Krispy Kreme Donuts in Tokyo – sweet nothings Part 1

I really wonder why people love queuing up for donuts. Being curious over this, I too joined the queue for it but personally, I feel it is not worth an hour to 1.5 hours wait. Before even attempting to queue, I walked pass the outlet once and commented to my partner-in-crime Yan that “these people are crazy, queuing for donuts in the rain”.

Who knew on the next day, we were one of the crazy fellows queuing up for donuts! That day, we queued up for more than 1.5 hours just to step in the outlet. The strangest thing wasn’t the 1.5 hours wait but rather everyone was still queuing when Tokyo faced earthquake tremors! Yan, who was then in queue (erm.. I was shopping in Takashimaya when that happened), said that noone attempted to move out from their spot in the queue even though the bridge swayed quite forcefully. Imagine that! Either the Japanese were nonchalant about earthquakes, treating it like a normal occurance or they felt too much was at stake if they moved away from the bridge (meaning their spot in the queue). Sigh… I seriously hope it is the latter reason.

There were two queues, one in front of the outlet and another that was up on the bridge. It took more than 1.5 hours to step into the outlet!!

But the great thing about Krispy Kreme in Japan was that they gave free delicious original donuts, just out from the oven, and a cup of iced water for those in queue. For those in the first queue (in front of the outlet), there were umbrellas for them to use it. Really that was fantastic service. and that’s what I love about Japan! The service people are really considerate! However, both Yan and I agreed that this would never materialise in Singapore. Not because Singapore’s service industry is bad but rather Singaporeans will just queue up and take their free donuts and then run off. Perhaps they may even take the umbrellas away (after all they look really sweet, with ruffles at the ends)!


About 1.5 hours later, we got to the line that was nearest to the glass windows of the outlet and took pictures of the donut processing chain where the donuts were first dipped into oil then sugar syrup was dripped all over the donuts, then quality checks. Some were wrapped up to give out as free donuts while the others were put into crates. It was quite interesting to see how donuts were made but it really shows you how unhealthy donuts are.. Immersed in oil and full of sugar and starch. My.. why would anyone wants to go for a second serving??



I luv birthday promotions!

Had my birthday celebrations a few days ago and being one year older, I’ve become older and wiser to financial matters and more apt at saving while shopping! Please clap for me!


(Beautifully decorated white chocolate macadamia cake

from Secret Recipe S$45

Though I love this cake, I must say it is an acquired taste. My younger sister treated some of her friends and they didn’t like it! A waste of my cake!!! )

Like Rebecca in the Shopaholic series, I went really mad over cosmetics and skincare shopping. But really shopping during birthday months and special promotions is exhilarating! I took advantage of my Shu promotion, got a 20% discount, and used my sister’s fancl 20% promotion……. and then got $60 Isetan vouchers plus chalking up Isetan points and credit card points! Feel like I’ve saved a lot this time round though my pocket’s feeling much lighter after today’s spree. =)

I think this is the first time I’ve splurged so much in a single day ($10 Isetan voucher for every $100 spent, so you can do the math). If only every month’s my birthday month!


I think I’ve got 3/4 of a year’s supply of powder and 5 months’ of skincare products!!

Other discounts that I enjoyed for my birthday month:

Reds – 30% for members

Ezy video – $4 each movie for 5 days (sad to say I wasn’t able to get a free movie from them. They have this promotion whereby members can rent a movie foc on their birthday)